Creating a Wedding Timeline


One of the most chaotic parts of wedding planning is often where to get started and how to get all of the important tasks done prior to the big day. After all, most of us aren’t official party planners at our day job!

What’s crucial will be the order in which you do things, and a timeline is key. Here are some of my favorite timelines to help you create a game plan leading up to the big day.

Dear LC Timeline via Pinterest (featured above, click for the full image)

MODWedding Article via Pinterest

From BettyLuPaperie shared via Pinterest

The Knot 12 Month Checklist

With these timelines, do keep in mind that most begin 9-12 months ahead of time so you’ll likely need to alter it to meet your wedding date. I also recommend referencing multiple timelines online, because some will mention minor details that others will miss (but could be very important!)

Happy planning. I hope these help! Are there wedding timelines that I missed? Let me know!

With love,

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