The Two Best Pieces of Marriage Advice I Received


Throughout my wedding planning and leading up to the big day, I got a TON of advice. Some of it was very good, and some of it was…not so good.

But the two pieces of advice that I cherish the most are tips that I was given in toasts on the weekend of my wedding. The bold text is the piece of advice, and the italic explanations are my interpretations and how I have carried this feedback in my heart.

Find ways every day to out-love one another. Sometimes it can get hard when it doesn’t feel like your spouse is ‘meeting you in the middle’ and you’ll find yourself saying things like “Yeah, I would do that but HE didn’t do XYZ…” If you both try and focus on always one-upping the other in the love department, you will both greatly benefit from it. So wake up every day and ask yourself how you can choose to out-love your spouse that day, and this thought alone could transform your entire marriage. If you start this habit early, it will set you up for success for a long future. (A close family friend shared this at our rehearsal dinner and it brought me to tears.)

Always remember, you’re on the same team. When the world goes away, it’s just the two of you. Remember that you’re in each others corners and want the best for each other, even if it doesn’t feel that way all of the time. If you keep a team mentality, you’ll always find ways to back each other up and support one another in the ways you will need it most. (My sister said this in her MOH speech. She and her husband are an awesome team and I often find myself reminding myself of this piece of advice…especially in the middle of any tiffs that my hubby and I have!)

Feel free to steal these for your next toast, the bride and groom will appreciate it!

With love,

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