Meeting Expectations


I have a confession to make.

I have been binging like CRAZY on the show “Say Yes to the Dress” recently. Since a new season is back, they are also airing past episodes. I have literally been watching at least 5 episodes every weekend. Some, I missed so they are new to me, and others…I am watching again! Even if I remember the bride and WHAT DRESS SHE CHOSE! It has honestly made me very happy, though.

As I’ve been watching these, I keep thinking about how so many brides expect that they are going to cry when they find the dress of their dreams. Or if not them, at least someone in their group, like mom or dad. They would literally be beaming (in what we all know is ‘the one’) and then their face would fall and they’d say “I thought I would cry if it was the one for me.”

It got me thinking about all of the preconceived notions we have in our head when planning a wedding. Like, we’re going to cry when we find the dress, or when we walk down the aisle. Or we have to wear high heels, or we have to serve dinner to all of our guests. Not because we want to, but because that’s what we have been conditioned to do.

When planning your wedding, you will likely have expectations placed upon you by society, loved ones, or even yourself, and it’s important that you pay close attention. Don’t expect that you’re going to act or feel a certain way. Because if you don’t respond in that way, you might question things more than you need to.

Know that weddings will bring out so many emotions at different times. Some might surprise you and some might not. But don’t make it harder on yourself that it needs to be. Be true to who you are and throw those expectations out the window!

With love,

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