How to Select Your Wedding Theme

One thing I’ve been thinking about lately is how a couple decides upon their wedding theme. Some can range from so generic and right out of a wedding magazine to really eccentric and off-the-wall. The tips that I have for you are the following:

  1. First consider your location. Is there something about your wedding venue that makes it easier to either apply a theme or discard a theme? For example, I had always envisioned a peacock themed wedding. I love the colors and think it could be a really vibrant and pretty experience. However, when we would be getting married at the beach, this made absolutely no sense!
  2. If you do get married somewhere like the beach, for example, don’t feel forced to do something so straightforward as a beach theme. We ended up doing more of a nautical-travel theme and tied in some really personal elements. There’s no reason why you can’t slant a certain idea to make it more meaningful and true to who both of you are.
  3. Is there something unique that both you and your fiancé do, are passionate about, or equally love? This could be a variety of things. Baseball? New York City? Travel? Donuts? Coffee? Reading? Of course you need to widen some of these ideas to work as an actual theme but it could give you a great starting point.
  4. Think about your relationship and the story of how you came to be you and he. Some of the best weddings are ones were guest walk away feeling like they know the couple even better than when they walked in. If there is something about your love story that makes it really truly unique, think about how to tie this into the theme. Maybe each of you have different cultural backgrounds and family traditions or met in a unique place. This can be a great place to start.
  5. Don’t forget the weddings that you’ve gone to or have seen on TV/online. Would have been some of your favorite themes? What would you have changed about them to make them more personal? Or is there a theme that you really hated? You’ve got to start somewhere! Use this as fuel for your brainstorming.

Hope this helps! Happy planning.

With love,

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