5 Things I Would’ve Changed About My Wedding

Last week I shared about all of the decisions that one has to make when planning a wedding and the things that you might find yourself second guessing. Of course I found myself in the same boat. Now, a few years later, I can look back and say everything turned out exactly the way it was supposed to. Was it perfect? Nope! Would I have changed anything? Not really…but if I really think about it…there are, of course, a few things I would’ve done differently if given the opportunity. The great thing is that these are SO simple and things that honestly seem silly, but were important to me.

  1. I would not have made so many custom alternations to my dress. The alterations price knocked my socks off. What I didn’t realize was that the alterations team at the bridal gown store is in a business, too. They sold me on quite a few additional alterations that I really didn’t need. Like:
    • Sewing my (expensive) bra into my dress so it wouldn’t move, but it wouldn’t have anyways because the dress was so tight. And then I didn’t get to ever use that bra again.
    • Sewing the bustle on since I wasn’t interested in ever leaving the train out; but the bustle was made with little buttons so it wouldn’t have come undone!
    • Sewing my belt accessory onto my dress. It would have been just fine without it!
  2. I wouldn’t have bought Spanx for my wedding dress. I literally bought a really expensive pair of undergarments right before dress shopping, thinking I would also wear them on my big day. (I also thought it might make me feel “prettier” while trying things on…lame…) What I didn’t realize was MOST wedding dresses (unless super slinky) have many material layers and are built with so much structure that it honestly doesn’t matter. Even the flowiest dresses I tried on had more structure than I’d realized.
  3. I would have added more bobby pins to my veil. It ended up being a windy day outside (and actually rained during the ceremony!) When I watch my wedding video bacj, I see how crazy my veil was flying. You could also tell that I was slightly titling my head back to try and keep it in place. I got my hair professionally done and wore a small bird cage veil but should have added a lot more bobby pins. I thought I had plenty and that the hairspray would hold it, but it just wasn’t enough. An alternate to adding more pins ahead of time would have been to just have my sister/MOH carry them with her, just in case. In pictures, we solved this by having a loved one put their hand behind my back and gently holding it down…you can’t even tell!
  4. I would have clarified my vision for the cake before the big day. What’s funny is that my husband literally has ONE complaint from our big day… “The cake was too small.” It was. We only had a one-tier cake to cut into. Keep in mind that it was a destination wedding with 50 people, but it felt small. What you can’t see in the pictures is that we actually served delicious and beautiful cupcakes to our guests. I told my wedding planned early on in the process that I had a vision of a top tier cake, with cupcakes building multiple tiers underneath. I didn’t repeat it a second time in the process and I should have.
  5. I would have made sure the wedding planner spoke more to the DJ. I sent a recommended playlist ahead of time to the DJ and wedding planner (that was way too long.) On the list, I had a few key things, including notes like “No country music.” What was one of the party dance songs the DJ selected? Cotton-eyed-joe! How much more country can you get?! It was a fun dancing song, but with limited dancing time, I am sorry that they played some songs that really didn’t represent us as a couple. I should have reiterated a few key things about the music to the wedding planner so she could keep the DJ on track.

Things could always be improved but it’s important not to overthink every single detail and to just go with the flow! Hoping these tips can help you beforehand, though!

With love,

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