Wedding Theme Spotlight: Time for Brunch

7-18-2017 5-30-31 PMI’ve been having a blast with my wedding-focused Pinterest account! One of my main categories focuses on wedding themes and I’ve found some great ones during my research. Today I wanted to share one of my new favorite themes: Time for Brunch!

A brunch- themed wedding can be a more casual affair and comes with some really unique opportunities to make it a special day for your guests. Its the perfect theme for a couple who likes to challenge tradition and isn’t big on a nighttime club-type reception.

A few things to think about with this theme:

  • This may be one of the first brunch weddings your guests have been to so it’ll definitely stand out in their minds. Make sure it isn’t too early, though, especially if people have to commute a distance. Since it is a unique wedding, make sure all of the details (like attire) are really clear.
  • You will need to make sure your venue has availability at the brunch time hour but it’s likely a lot cheaper than a night time affair. You can also choose to make it as formal as you’d like, but could get away with being more casual. There’s plenty of opportunities to tie in your theme throughout the entire event.
  • You can feed your guests some awesome food: custom omelettes, grits, pancakes and more.
  • Pancake, waffle, cinnamon roll or donut wedding cake…do I need to say more?!
  • Your alcohol bill will be so much cheaper. Focus on a signature drink like a wedding themed Mimosa but don’t forget that you can also do a chic coffee bar.
  • Wedding favors can be coffee or breakfast themed (and there are some super cute options to choose from!)
  • You’ll finish the wedding by early afternoon and won’t feel rushed to leave to have some alone time as a couple. This way, you’ll have time to decompress, eat dinner, and then spend your first night together as newlyweds. Keep in mind that you might be tired, though, especially the bride who will have an early call-time for hair and make up! (Because of this, consider a wedding rehearsal on Thursday night so you can both take it easy and go to bed early on Friday.)

Hope you like these ideas! All of the photos were saved from my board “Time for Brunch” so check out my Pinterest for more!

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