My Top Social Media Wedding Tips

7-18-2017 5-30-31 PM

Within the last decade, the usage of social media for wedding planning and sharing memories from your wedding day, have increased exponentially. Here are my top tips on how to use social media throughout wedding season.

BEFORE: Consider a wedding hashtag and encourage your guests to use it by printing it on your wedding invitation and putting it on display in key places of your wedding. It can be something silly, romantic, or straight forward, just make sure it isn’t popular already because your feed will be mixed with photos of other weddings! Can’t think of one? Hashtag generators are super helpful! My favorites are from Wedding Wire and Shutterfly. A bonus: come up with one early enough and start to use it during your pre-wedding activities like the Bridal Shower, then ALL of your wedding content will be in one place!

DURING: Have a member of your bridal party take one photo of you and your spouse right after the ceremony and have them post it to your social media pages (from your account.) This ensures that most people will see the first wedding photo come from you, instead of the 50 images that will tag you posted by your guests (including some that are likely unflattering!)

AFTER: Sign out of your social media accounts during your honeymoon! Your phone will be blowing up with notifications from your social channels for days following your wedding with comments. By signing out, you can truly enjoy your time with your new spouse. The kind notes from loved ones will be waiting for you once you get back home, and they’ll allow you an opportunity to look back on your big day all over again. (Even better? Turn off your phone completely during the honeymoon!)

In this new day, choose to use social media how you best see fit, but don’t let it get in the way of being present in the moment throughout your wedding festivities.

With love,

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