‘Til Death Do Us Part

It’s been a while since I have blogged because my family is going through a hard time right now and I’ve had to reprioritize my free time. My dad is dying from cancer and will be leaving this earth to step in to eternity soon. It’s been incredibly difficult but my family is holding hands firmly every step of the way as we move through this hard season. Our bonds are strong and our faith in Christ is even stronger, so I know we’re going to be OK.

As we have been dealing with this, I have thought often about the true meaning of life, family, and marriage.

My parents celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary this summer and we knew it would be their last together here on earth. When we say “’til death do us part”, do we truly mean it? I know my parents did when they said “I do.” They meant the words of their vows with every depth of their beings and have clung to one another through every life season.

Can you say the same? Don’t let the stresses of wedding planning overshadow that special promise that you will make to one another. And when the confetti is thrown away and flowers have shriveled, will you vow to make that promise to love and care for one another over and over again?

Marriage is a gift. If you are blessed with a special someone in your life, hold them tight. Don’t forget to share your gratitude with them. And relish in each moment of your relationship, even when it’s not the most glamorous of seasons. Being married gives you the ability to have a life partner. There will be times of sickness and health, and like in my parents case this very moment, you might be given the opportunity to be with the one you love until the very end of life.

With love,

Girl with a diamond ring

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