Five Tips to Become an Organized Bride


When it came to planning my wedding, I knew that my natural instincts would come in handy. I am detail-oriented and am called the “process queen” by people I work with…because how can you stay organized and on track with ANYTHING without a process in place?! But what if you aren’t this way, or you instinctively are, but you just have too much going on to keep the planning on track.

More and more brides these days are planning their own weddings, without having a wedding planner on call for all of the details. Some have more of a hybrid approach, where they hire wedding support consultants for a specific area (like decor) or running the day-of events. Either way, it’s going to be crucial to stay on track with all of your tasks!

Here are my tips based on what helped me:

  • As hard as it might be, try not to get overwhelmed! You can not do all things at once so make sure to prioritize. The crucial components (like date and venue) should all be planned first, and the type of candle placed in the church or your first dance song can be selected a little later.
  • Use technology to your advantage. Keeping a notebook can be tough because you’ll probably do your wedding planning throughout your day and in different locations. If you use your phone to stay on track, you’ll always have it with you at a moments notice. If you prefer an in-app experience, The Knot has a great checklist that you can use on your phone. I used the “notepad” section on my phone for hot items because it was more customized to me, and then had a longer to-do list saved on my computer.
  • Organize your tasks by category so you can keep things straight. For example, have a category on your list related to your wedding dress. Note your dates for dress shopping, alteration 1 and alteration 2. Or have a category for your catering so tasks include things like finding a vendor, food tasting, and then menu planning. Also make sure to note any important vendor meetings (especially close to the big day) so you don’t forget anything.
  • Have an accountability partner that can keep you on track (and preferably not your future spouse, but that’s another topic to talk about another day.) A member of your bridal party is a great option because they’ll be involved and invested. Ask these individuals to help you keep things straight by either delegating tasks or working together on large items. Bridesmaids can be GREAT at reminding you to do things, especially as you get closer to the big day, but you need to make sure they’re aware of what you need help with. (And ask nicely!)
  • Celebrate when you cross things off of your list! There will be so much going on around you and a lot of pressure on both the bride and groom to get things done on time. Don’t be so focused that you miss the small moments and milestones along the way. After all, all of these decisions are going to eventually lead into the biggest day of your life! (No pressure!)

Do you have other tips that brides can keep in mind? Chime in with a comment!

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